in 2015...

Due to the large success of Healthy Start I, the Study began conducting Healthy Start II visits with the same children as they began turning 4, 5, and 6 years old. This visit includes another body composition measurement, but this time inside of a Bod Pod. It also includes a short physical, blood vessel test, blood draw (to measure blood sugar, insulin, and fats), a urine sample, eating behavior tests, dietary recall information, physical activity measurements, and several questionnaires to go along side these test. 

Why so many tests?

Because of the success of Healthy Start II (and our participant's dedication to the study) many different researchers want to use the data we are collecting to study varying relationships. Some of these relationships include:

  • Micro-nutrient intake (specifically Vitamin D)
  • Environment toxins and chemical exposures
  • Sleep 
  • Neurocognitive function and brain development