Since 2009, the Healthy Start Study has followed over 1,000 ethnically diverse women to assess the impact of intrauterine exposures on neonatal outcomes. 

in other words...

With the help of our participants, we are discovering how a mom's environment and lifestyle during pregnancy can affect her child's growth and development.  

Our Mission

The overall goal of the study is to understand the contribution of metabolic and behavioral factors during pregnancy to the development of obesity, insulin resistance, and inflammatory markers in newborns and infants.

What We've Achieved

  • 1,410 women enrolled in the study
  • Over 5,840 visits with those enrolled in Healthy Start I
  • 1,155 PEA POD measurements on newborns
  • 826 PEA POD measurements on 6-month olds
  • 76% retention rate at the end of Healthy Start I
  • 400+ Healthy Start II visits completed
  • Funding received from the National Institute of Health for Healthy Start III
  • Recognition as a study leading the world in childhood health research