It all started when...

Healthy Start 1 began in 2010 with a cohort of 1,410 pregnant women who were planning on delivering at University of Colorado Hospital. The goal of this phase of the Healthy Start Study was to learn more about the things that affect the birth weight and obesity (fatness) of the children being born. Some of the things that were studied were a Mom's weight and weight gain, what she ate, and the content of her blood (e.g. glucose, insulin, fats) and urine during pregnancy. There were 3 in person visits during pregnancy (first trimester, third trimester, and after delivery). In the post delivery visit, babies had their body composition (percent body fat) measured in a device called a PEA POD. In addition, there was a postnatal visit in which a physical exam was performed on the babies and they were measured in the PEA POD again, followed by 2 postnatal interviews.

What did we learn from the data we collected?